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Instruction for the oral presentation / poster preparation

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

Oral presentations: 12' presentation + 3' discussion,
Poster pitches: (poster short oral presentations): 2' presentation (1-2 slides)

Oral Presentations
File format
You can use one of following formats: *.ppt, *pptx - (Power Point), *.pdf - (Adobe Reader). Participants willing to use different software are kindly requested to contact us as soon as possible. We recommend using the 16:9 ratio while preparing the presentation.

Please make sure that fonts are large enough to be well visible to the audience. 

File delivery
Until 19.05.2023 you can upload it via DropBox using the following link:


Name your file using the following format:
SubmissionID_LastName_FirstName (ex. 83981603284_Doe_John)

This is strongly recommended (especially if your presentation contains videos or animations and needs to be checked) or if your talk is scheduled on Tuesday 23.05.2023.
At the latest, please bring your presentation to the registration desk on Tuesday 23.05.2023.

Poster presentations
Poster pitches (poster short oral presentations)
A 2-minute time slot to present 1-2 slides promoting the poster is offered to poster authors according to the schedule in the conference program. Please see instructions for oral presentations preparation above.

Poster preparation
Please, prepare the A0 size poster in Portrait Orientation (0.84 x 1.19 m). Please make sure that fonts are large enough to be well visible to the audience. Place the title of your paper clearly at the top of the poster to allow viewers to identify your paper easily. Indicate the authors’ names and address information to allow interested viewers to contact you for more details. Prepare all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly in size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1.5 to 2.0 meters. Organise the poster in a way that it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory. The poster must cover the same content as your abstract.
Please deliver your printed poster, as no print service will be provided during the conference.
Posters mounting
All the material necessary for attaching the poster to the poster board will be available in the poster area. In addition, help can be provided to authors to put up or take down their posters.
for Tuesday 23.05.2023 poster session ​for Thursday 25.05.2023 poster session
mounting: Tuesday, 23.05.2023 from 10.00 to 14.00
mounting: Thursday, 25.05.2023 from 10.00 to 14.00

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